We Do It For You


What’s Included?

  • Monthly Bookkeeping – using bookkeeping software we reconcile your transactions to produce
    a monthly P&L and Balance Sheets ready to show investors, we can help with quarterly taxes,
    and advise on any questions you have during the year ($4200/yr value)
  • Fully Prepared Federal and State Taxes – our team goes through your financials to prepare
    accurate, optimized tax returns, and your next year’s tax return is included (up to $1000 value)
  • Delaware Franchise Tax – Annually prepare and file this requirement ($100 value)
  • Year End Tax Planning Package – every year you have access to one of our Tax Advisors who can
    help you strategize for next year and answer questions specific to your situation ($175 value)

In short, we do it for you!

What does this cost?

For a limited time we are offering this package with a value of over $5000 for only $275 per month. That is more than 30% less than we charge for those same services separately!

Are you ready to focus on your business and let someone else take on the burden of your tax and
accounting compliance? Click to get started.