Series A Package


This package is designed to support your company financially while you scale – to keep you constantly ready for the next fundraising round. This provides bookkeeping using US GAAP and tax standards for a very active subsidiary of a foreign company operating in the US or a US company and one foreign subsidiary for US tax.

• We can support accrual or cash-based accounting with this package, this also provides for conversion of foreign subsidiary books and year-end reports to conform US tax needs.

• Includes complex US tax returns such as a US corporate tax return (1120) containing a Form 5471 informational return of a foreign corporation, or a Foreign Owned Disregarded Entity tax return (1120 and 5472) plus either an 1040NR for an individual non-US owner, or form 1120F return for a foreign parent company, including protective returns or returns to claim a treaty-position.

• Includes up to 5 foreign accounts included on form 8938 and FBAR. Cash or accrual basis accounting, includes allocations for transfers between related companies, support for breaking out income into US and foreign buckets for FDII, and unlimited consultation calls.

• $625/mo $6900 if paid annually.