Monthly Bookkeeping


Our monthly tax and bookkeeping package is designed for companies with revenue up to $500,000 per year.  It will ensure that you stay on top of both your financials and your compliance needs.  We will help set you up using an online tax accounting software like Xero, import your monthly transactions, reconcile them and prepare your monthly financial statements and prepare your annual federal tax return, one state tax return and either Form 5471 or Form 5472.

  • Bookkeeping – months closed by the 20th each month
  • Assistance with ongoing tax matters such as quarterly tax filings, payroll, franchise tax filing, etc
  • Email support to answer questions throughout the month
  • Preparation of the annual federal taxes and any one state tax return (includes one 5472 or 5471)

Available for companies with revenue of up to $500,000.