Established: C-Corporation Tax Return


This is our most complete compliance package for businesses with a C-Corporation or S-Corporation structure. Our standard corporate tax package includes the preparations of the Form 1120 – Federal C-Corp filing or Form 1120-S for S-Corporations, one State tax return if required, and the preparation of Form 5472 for companies with foreign ownership.

To file this tax return your annual income must be over $150,000. This threshold is not based on income the company retains, but turnover as received into the company bank account, or income received in any other way.

This package includes:

  • Preparation of Form 1120 or 1120-S – Federal C-Corp filing
  • Preparation of Form 5472 (Foreign owners report)
  • One State Income Tax Filing (if applicable)
  • Bookkeeping to reconcile up to 30 income/expense transactions.

After registration instructions for how to upload your documents and a link for  our simple tax questionnaire will be sent for you to complete. After that has been submitted you will be assigned to one of our experienced accountants in the order of signup. The tax accountant assigned will reach out to you once they start your tax return for any additional information required. Your tax returns will be provided for you to review prior to GBS e-filing them with the IRS.

*Please note this is the starting price for US owned and foreign owned corporate tax preparation. For additional forms and more complex tax situations, an additional fee may apply.