Bootstrapping Package


Get your company off to the right start. This tax and bookkeeping package is geared for the smallest startup to have their books kept in order from day one and make sure all tax obligations are met as you grow.

• We start with a consultation call to answer your tax questions, then we will help you create a custom chart of accounts, get your accounting tech stack for bookkeeping, payroll, expense management, invoicing, and recurring tax payments set up right from the beginning and have everything on a schedule so a deadline is never forgotten. This plan provides ongoing email support for tax and accounting questions you may have throughout the year.

• Support is provided for accounting on a cash basis with the books reconciled on a monthly basis- delivered by the end of the next month. This plan covers bookkeeping for companies transacting with up to $5k in expenses per month, tax returns for federal taxes (including one form 5472 if needed), one state tax return, and one franchise tax return such as the Delaware Franchise Tax.

• $135/mo or $1500 if paid year in advance