Frequently Asked Questions


Can I save progress on my questionnaire and come back to it later?

Unfortunately, no. The system that supports our questionnaire doesn’t currently have that feature. As an alternative, we recommend you start and complete the questionnaire all at once when you have all of your information available.

I’m a returning customer, but for some reason, I can’t access my ShareFile folder. Why is that?

The reason might be because you used a different email this year from last year when making a purchase with us. The system automatically creates a new folder and user any time a new email is detected. So if you used a new email, the system doesn’t associate that email with the folder that was already created.

If this occurs, you have two options:

  1. Think about what email you could have used last year and plug that in here. Select, “forgot password” and have the system generate a new password for you so you can access your original folder.
  2. Or, simply let us know here, and we will add your new email to your existing folder.