The Right Way to Hire a Contractor

Growing a business can be tough. The good news is in today’s gig economy there are plenty of people who offer their contractor services to help. Before you agree to hire someone short-term, there are a few things you should consider. Employee or Independent Contractor  Determine whether the individual you’re hiring should be treated as…

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How to Handle IRS Tax Notices

Each year the IRS sends out millions of letters to taxpayers to either provide notice of a tax credit or of taxes due. Whatever the reason for receiving one, read on for nine tips to keep your cool when responding to the IRS. Address it and remain calm It’s a common automatic response to panic…

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Protect Your Business from Tax Scams

Too many frauds have unfortunately cleverly conned thousands of people out of millions of dollars in tax scams. Don’t let yourself or your company become one of the victims. Arm yourself instead with the latest insights into specific scams con artists will use to manipulate in an attempt to steal your identity and financial resources….

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